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At mid valley Alarm, we are dedicated to offering cutting-edge surveillance solutions to secure what is most important to you. We specialize in creating and implementing modern security systems adapted to your specific needs as a leading CCTV camera business.


Welcome to Mid Valley Alarm, your one-stop shop for all of your CCTV camera, private security, and professional monitoring needs. Mid Valley Alarm provides the pinnacle of security technology as well as unparalleled peace of mind.

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Achieve top-notch security effortlessly with Mid Valley Alarm in just three simple steps.

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Select from our range of CCTV cameras, private security, and monitoring services.

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Our skilled technicians will visit your location at the scheduled time to ensure a seamless and professional installation of your chosen CCTV cameras.

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Unrivaled CCTV installation in town, courtesy of Mid Valley Alarm.

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Our Vendors

At mid valley Alarm, we partner with trusted vendors who provide high-quality security products and technologies. Our careful selection of vendors ensures that we can offer our clients the most reliable and advanced solutions in the industry.

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I just had the pleasure of working with mid valley Alarm, and I am blown away by their knowledge and commitment to offering high-quality CCTV camera systems. I cannot recommend them highly enough as someone who loves security and wants to safeguard my business. The staff at mid valley Alarm displayed great professionalism and experience in the sector from the initial consultation to the final installation. They took the time to understand my specific security requirements and created a complete monitoring system that well beyond my expectations.

Adison Baptista

Our Client

The customer service provided by mid valley Alarm was out standing. Their crew was pleasant, prompt, and sensitive to my concerns throughout the entire process. They carefully answered all of my concerns, ensuring that I was comfortable running the device and comprehending its functions. Furthermore, I was amazed by the adaptability of their solutions. As my company evolved, mid valley Alarm easily upgraded my security system to meet the evolving needs. Their skill in combining CCTV cameras with other security components like access control and alarm systems gave me a comprehensive and resilient security infrastructure.

Thomas Bill

Our Client

The CCTV cameras offered by mid valley Alarm are of extraordinary quality. The high-definition video feeds provide great clarity, allowing me to confidently watch my property. Even in low-light settings, the cameras provide excellent visibility, adding a sense of security. The additional capabilities, like as motion detection and remote viewing, have proven to be helpful in monitoring my home, both inside and out.

John Scott

Our Client